About the meaning of In-run Stability and Bias Repeatability.


I want know the meaning of the Sensor's(Accelerometer and gyroscope) In-run Stability and Bias Repeatability.

In your technical article, there is In-run stability and bias repeatability of accelerometer and gyroscope.

(High Performance Inertial Sensing Solutions Enable Autonomous Machine Applications)

Can you explain, how to calculate this parameters  and the meaning of this parameter with their units.

And one more question.

There is In-run Stability and In-run bias stability. Are they same? or not?

  • Which products are you considering for your application? In general, we use IEEE's definition for In-run Bias Stability (IEEE-STD-972-1997). This parameter represents the best accuracy available when estimating the gyroscopes bias under stable inertial and environmental conditions. Bias Repeatability represents an estimate for long-term aging. The product data sheets which use this parameter, offer extensive information in the footnotes, as to the testing that was performed in order to make this projection.

    Hope that helps!


    There is In-run Stability and In-run bias stability. Are they same? or not?


    Can you please provide a specific example of each term, from a product datasheet? I suspect that the intent is the same, but having the specific reference that you were looking at would help add some assurance to my present thinking.

  • Thank you for your kind answers.

    We are looking for the sensors for AR/VR devices. While browsing the target sensor, I saw the document created by Analog Devices, and I was wondering about the parameters above. This is because the difference in the parameters between the commercial sensor and the industrial sensor is particularly large(for Bias Repeatability, it is hundred times bigger in commercial sensor).

    If we test the sensor by ourselves, how can we calculate In-run Bias Stability and Bias Repeatability?

    Can you let us know the test condition and procedure of this parameters?

    And, I can't find IEEE STD 972-1997. I found IEEE STD 972, but it is about Insulated Aluminum Conductors.

  • When I browsing the In-run Stability, google's first recommend is this sites FAQ about In-run Bias Stability.

    (FAQ: Gyroscope In-Run Bias Stability )

    So, I thought it maybe same parameter.

  • Great job in finding the FAQ. That shows you how you can measure and calculate in run bias stability. Can you check that out and let me know if you still have any questions on that particular parameter?