A Question of ADXL363 on Measuring Vibration Frequency

ADXL363 is used in an electrical actuator. Actuator attaches to the pipeline and as the pipeline’s direction is not fixed, the direction of the acceleration is not fixed, either. The maximum Vibration acceleration is no more than 3g. As the liquid flows toward one direction, the main vibration direction is from the perpendicular and other 2 directions is orthogonal components of this direction.(Customer only want to measure the max acceleration on main vibration direction and ignore the other two orthogonal components).

Now customer asks us whether we can provide a method to detect both  acceleration and Vibration Frequency. IN CN0303, there is a word "the maximum acceleration is related to the  Vibration Frequency", customer says they have gain the maximum acceleration on the main Vibration direction, can we provide a algorithm or solution to calculate the  Vibration Frequency via maximum acceleration?

Thanks a lot!

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