Difference between ADXRS450, ADXRS810, and ADXRS453?

I am looking for a very accurate gyro for a robotics application and came across the ADXRS450, ADXRS810, and ADXRS453. They all appear to have the same specifications, but are rated for medical, automotive, and high vibration settings. What are the differences in the actual function (if any)? Are the more expensive medical and high-vibration versions simply better tested? The high-vibration version seems to have 1*/sec/g drift compared to 3*/sec/g for the other two, but is that the only difference?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Oct 25, 2016 4:21 PM over 4 years ago

    As of right now, we don't provide support for automotive parts in this forum (ADXRS810), but from what I understand, it does use a similar core sensor as the ADXRS450 and ADXRS453.  The ADXRS453 includes some calibration for temperature dependent behaviors, while the ADXRS450 does not.  They do use much of the same core sensor design, but I do believe that there are subtle differences in their final configuration.  What type of application is this for?