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ADIS16365 interface with dsPIC

Hi everyone , it's the first time to me here.. i have a strange problem ..

i am working on ADIS16365 interface with dsPIC , I wrote a code to extract all these data :

1- Power supply measurement

2- x,y,z gyroscope output

3-  x,y,z accelerometer output

4 - x,y,z gyroscope temperature output

i read all these data correctly except accelerometer y output , it gave a strange output

i used the same methods and calculations with accelerometer x and z and there wasn't any problem , i didn't use burst mode to extract these data ,  i send a command every time

for example , i used  this part of code to read accelerometer x :

         SPI2_Write(0x0A00);                        // Send data via SPI


          XGValue = SPI2_Read(buffer);              // Read the MSByte

          info[4] = (XGValue & 0b0011111111111111); //Strip off the ND and EA flags

so, any help ?