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ADIS16488 Calibration

I am using an ADIS16488AMLZ IMU as a reference device for an IMU test/calibration system. I'd like to calibrate/verify the device, as it will be the basis for calibration of any devices under test. I'm not an expert in sensor technology, but my current understanding of calibration would be to subject the ADIS to a 'known' set of conditions and adjust the internal bias/scale offset registers to make the device 'agree' with the conditions I'm subjecting it to. My problem is how to create the known conditions without some golden unit or calibration standard. Maybe there is some other technique I'm not aware of?

I understand that the ADIS16488AMLZ is now obsolete, but if I upgrade to a suitable replacement device (which would presumably come calibrated out of the factory), would I face the same challenge after some time as its characteristics begin to drift? And would I need to consider in-system calibration (ie. to account for factors generated by my test fixture)?

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