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What is the misalignment error between accel triad and gyro triad ?

What is the error specification for misalignment between the accel and gyro triads for the products ADIS16407, ADIS 16480, ADIS16488A ?

Does the axis to frame misalignment  or axis to axis misalignment refer this ?.

  • Great question! The axis-to-axis misalignment describes the relationship between the gyroscopes and accelerometers on each axis as well.  So, I would take the greatest of the two specifications (gyroscope, acceleroemeter have separate specs for this in most datasheets).  Does that answer your question?  If so our admins would appreciate closure via "correct answer." If not, we look forward to any clarifying questions. Thanks again for posting this in the Engineer Zone! 

  • Thanks for your quick response. Your explanation answers my question.

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