How to power ADXL362 with consumption as low as possible


I'm designing a product which requires total consumption as low as possible. I came across adxl362 with ultra-low power consumption. However, I didn't figure out how to power it efficiently.

There product will have a LiPo rechargeable battery as a system power. Its voltage will be between 2.7v ~ 4.7v . A main MCU with internal LDO and DCDC, which could work between 1.8v ~ 3.6v, but with recommended to work above 3.0v due to current leakage in lower power supply , an ADXL362 could act as a motion switch .

I intent to use a buck-boost regulator to power the main system under 3.0v, i.e. main MCU. But how to drive adxl362 efficiently ?  adxl362 need to work when main MCU works or not. The buck-boost regulator's quiescent current is even higher than adxl362.


How about I use a voltage references as a power source ?

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