Questions about Temperature sensor in ADXL363


My customer want to use a temperature sensor in ADXL363 for measuring  ambient temperature.

As ADXL363 datasheet, some calibration is needed for this.

" To use the temperature sensor to monitor absolute temperature, measure and calibrate its initial bias (its output at some known temperature)."

So they want to know how to measure ambient temperature for this sensor.

Q1) Could they use ADXL363 for measuring  ambient temperature?

Q2) If so, would you let me know how to measure ambient temperature for this sensor?

      (If some calibrations are needed, please let me know how to calibrate this sensor and how to calcualte ambient temperature.)

Please advise me.

If you have any questions, please let me know.



  • Hi Se-woong,

    You could certainly use the temperature sensor in the ADXL363 to measure the ambient temperature experienced by the accelerometer. The temperature sensor is not factory-calibrated. In order to use the temperature sensor output for accurate measurements, you would first need to determine the bias of the temperature sensor output. It is spec'ed as 350LSB typ + 290LSB std. dev.

    The way to do this would be to measure the temperature sensor output in your application at production test, while using an external temperature sensor to obtain a reference reading. For e.g. let's say you are testing at 25C (=T0), and measure this temperature using an external reference. Let's say the temperature sensor reading for ADXL363 is 350LSBs (=X0). This means that for the part in question, 350LSBs corresponds to 25C, and the temperature sensor output will change with temperature with a scale factor 0.065C/LSB. All you need to do is to measure the bias at a ffixed temperature which you should measure with an external reference at production test. Once you know this bias, you could program it in your processor and estimate temperature (T) accordingly from the temperature sensor reading (=X) using the formula: T = (X-X0)*0.065 + T0