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ADXL362 axes of acceleration sensitivity - typo?

In the ADXL362 datasheet (rev B) the expected outputs for X and Y are not the ones I see on my device.

For example, when the pin 1 dot is pointing down (in the same direction as gravity), my device reads roughly -1g in Xout. In the diagram, it's shown as +1g. Is this a typo? The expected Z axis output in figure 51 is correct. I noticed in the datasheet for the ADXL345 has a similar diagram, and that the expected outputs for X and Y are negated compared to the ones in figure 51 for the ADXL362. I assume Analog Devices wouldn't change the convention, and that this is a typo in the 362 datasheet.

And yet, the figure 50 caption says corresponding output increases when accelerated along the sensitive axis. I took that to mean that if gravity was pointing along the Ax axis in figure 50, that Xout would read 1g, like figure 51 says. But it reads -1g. What's going on?

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