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Longevity of the ADXL103/ADXL203 analog accelerometers


I guess this question is directed towards someone at Analog Devices since it has to do with the long-term availability of the ADXL103/ADXL203 series of analog one- and two-axis accelerometers.

I noticed that the ADXL103 and ADXL203 are labeled as "Not recommended for new designs" and I wonder if this means that all the parts included in these series of accelerometers will soon be taken out of production. The parts of interest to me are AD22293Z and AD22037Z. If AD22293Z and AD22037Z will soon be made unavailable does AD have any planned or recommended replacements with performance that is on par with the aforementioned parts?

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  • I will be glad to look into this for you.  What is your present status with the ADXL203 family parts that you have mentioned?  Are you already using the devices you mention in production or are you considering them for a new design?

  • After taking a closer look at your questions, you will probably want to request this information privately through your local sales channel From a generic point of view, I can offer the following points:

    1. "Not recommended for new designs" does not mean that these devices will be taken off of the market soon.
    2. That is typically indicated through something like a "Last Time Buy" designation.
    3. We do not comment on new product development plans on this forum.

    FYI, I am tagging some colleagues who might be able to offer some follow-up guidance on the forum or through more private communication.


  • Mark,

    I think the question is not that one asks for information about new AD developments.

    But, if the ADXL203 is not recommended for new designs, which current device would you suggest as a comparable replacement. We are doing a development right now and I cannot find a similar sensor with a specification performance as good as the ADXL203.


  • Hi Neil,

    As mentioned part of my initial question was asking for possible replacements for the ADXL103/ADXL203 series of accelerometers. Since you say that there are no other sensors that match the ADXL203 and from the previous reply from stating that new product development plans are not discussed publicly on the forum I consider my initial question as partly answered. I will request further information privately through other channels.

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  • Hi Neil,

    I will discuss the topic with my local ADI support, shortly.

    Are there any nearby devices you would recommend, e.g. the ADXL313 or the 327?

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  • Hello Neil,

    I will check these parts.

    Thank you for the support.

    Best regards