IMU_Evaluation test ADIS16365

I use IMU_Evaluation test ADIS16365,after choosing the Dvices ,prompting :"The selected device number,16365,dose not match the PROD register,0,read from the device.Please check your device selection." what should i do?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jun 10, 2015 2:07 PM

    Hello! Thank you for your post.  Why did you post this in three different places?  It's OK but moving forward, we monitor this on a regular basis and try to answer with 24 hours as often as possible.  I deleted one of the comments and will post a link to this discussion from the other one.

    To start with, did you follow all of the setup instructions associated with the User Guide?  Please see the following site for instructions:

    I would also inspect the flex cable to make sure there are no cracks or breaks in it.  That is a common point of issue for those who are learning to use these devices for the first time.  I look forward to your response and will do all I can to help you get this running.

    What type of project are you using the ADIS16365 for?

  • Thank you for your answer.We are used to measure the Attitude Angle .I want to tell you in detail, but my English is very poor, please forgive me.

    Before that, I use the EVAL - AIDS evaluation board tested, everything is ok.Later, I tried to use STM32 to manipulate it, read the original data,but failed.

    And now I test it with the EVAL-AIDS evaluation board , the results found wrong.  And I try to make what you told me ,but never succed.

    It always tell me, "The selected device number,16365,dose not match the PROD register,0,read from the device.Please check your device selection."That is to say, the ID of the device can't read it out.

    IS that ADIS16365 damage easily?I am sure that I didn't make it in the use of short circuit.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jun 12, 2015 7:50 PM

    Thank you! This helps a lot. I figured that this was for some sort of Attitude sensor but I what I was curious about was the next level of detail.  Robot? etc?

    Your English is much better than my Chinese, so thank you for trying to communicate in English. No apology is necessary!

    I would start with inspecting the flex cable to see if it broken anywhere. Next, I would check to make sure that the connector is seated properly in J4 on the EVAL-ADIS.  After that, I would go through the entire process in the Wiki Guide to see if there are any other causes.  It is possible to destroy these units when you subject them to transient voltages or any other condition that is outside of their absolute maximum ratings.