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High Spec Automotive Gyroscope


I am a student looking for some basic information. I need to discuss chassis roll over sensors in my thesis.

I have looked at the ADXRS300. Is this a chassis roll over gyro that is currently used by automotive manufacturers?

If not, what other model should I use?



Greg Flynn

  • Hi Greg,

    Yes, it is one of the gyros used by automotive customers for roll-over detection and yaw rate sensing for electronic stability control.  We also have the ADXRS642, ADXRS652 and digital output ADXRS800.



  • Hi Venkat

    Sorry for the slow reply, I was caught up with winter examinations. Thanks for your reply, the information was very useful. I also need to evaluate lateral acceleration sensors; I am aware that there are a number of these available from Analog Devices. Are there specific lateral acceleration sensors that are generally associated with the ADXRS800 (i.e. do Analog Devices supply a combined yaw and lateral sensor).



  • The ADIS16445 or ADIS16448 offer Tri-axis accelerometers and tri-axis gyroscopes in the same package.

  • Hi NavadaMark

    Thanks for your reply.

    It appears neither of those are designed for automotive stability control. I am looking for a combined sensor suitable for automotive stability control. Do you have any further suggestions



  • To be honest, I am not an expert on what the requirements are for automotive stability control. Can you help me better understand where they fall short & I will be glad to do some research for you. Is this for a system that will be embedded in a future automobile?

  • Hi Nevada Mark

    I am only learning about this technology myself (I am completing a thesis on stability control, see earlier posts) so I cannot be specific for you. I know the sensor needs a wide operating temperature range, and a low G Sensitivity; in general I used to search for sensors designed for stability control.

    I have found combination sensors from other manufacturers which are designed for automotive stability control, however I am not very familiar with navigating through the AD website, and hence I am struggling a bit.



  • Hi Greg,

    I understand where you are coming from but there is typically a lot more to the selection process than a generic application statement.  Look forward to more discussion in private.