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How precise is the Dualaxis AD22302 accelerometer?

Hello everyone

I am a mechanical engineering student currently working on a project,

wich involves working with an AD22302 Dual-Axis accelerometer.

It is capable of measuring +/- 70g on the x-axis wich is the one I am currently using.

My question is:

what is the accuracy of the device? I am able to find the non-linearity in the datasheet (attached to the post)

but that is about it and I need the overall accuracy. Any kind of help will be highly appreciated

- Jesper

  • Hi Mark   

    Today's testing went really well. The output only deviated from the input by a max of 9.2 % and I had an average deviation of 4.9 % So thank you a lot for the help everything seems to be working accordingly to plan now.

    Best Regards - Jesper

  • That is great progress! Thank you for sharing that with us.  Have you posted any videos of your experiments?  Also, could you consider marking any of the responses with Correct Answer or Helpful, if that meets your criteria?  This is really helpful if you have to come back to this later or for future reviewers.  Again, we really appreciate you contributing to this forum.