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ADXL103/203 resonance compensation

I read an appnote on the ADXL100 which shows an analog compensator for the 22KHz resonance of the device. This makes sense to me since I believe that the sensors have a consistant mechanical resosnance from part to part  to use a fixed compensation network. First is this assumption correct? Secondly in the same vane I noticed the ADXL103, which is the device I want to use, has a 5.5KHz resonance listed in the data sheet with no min or max. I assume it also has a consistant resonant frequency. With all these assumptions I am interested in finding out what the resosnce at 5.5KHZ 'looks like'. I.E. the Q or freuency response in equation form so I can design an op-amp based compensator for it. Please can someone comment on these assumptions and resonant frequency specs. Thanks. Mark Allie elcetrical engineer.

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