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Auto Sleep Mode in ADXL313


I will use ADXL313 as alarm sensor.

Regarding to the Auto Sleep Mode, I have some question.

I checked the datasheet but, I couldn't make it clear yet.

1) About interrupt.

・After inactivity interrupt, it will be changed to Auto Sleep Mode.

After activity interrupt during Auto Sleep Mode, it will be changed to Measurement Mode from Auto Sleep Mode.

・Or it needs that the host(MPU) change to Measurement Mode by INT1/2(from ADXL313).(Use POWER_CTL register.)

INT1/2 will be assigned to activity interrupt by INT_MAP register.

The activity interrupt is used as only indicator during Auto Sleep Mode.

Which understanding is correct?

2) About Wake Up Bits in POWER_CTL register.

・This bits(data rate) will be used as timing of FIFO/Data register(XYZ) and

DATA_READY interrupt.

・Or this bits(data rate) will be used as timing of activity interrupt.

Which understanding is correct?

3) About updating FIFO and Data register (XYZ) during Auto Sleep Mode.

・The Data register(XYZ) will be updated with Wake Up Bits(data rate).

But, FIFO data is held in the contents of the interrupt before. (Not updated.)

・Or FIFO and Data register (XYZ) are not updated.

These data are held in the contents of the interrupt before.

Which understanding is correct?

4) Software compatibility (ADXL312/313)

I have used ADXL312 without Sleep Mode before.

Are both devices(ADXL312/313) have software compatibility?


I will evaluate with ADXL313 evaluation board soon.

And Auto Sleep Mode information is needed for Host (MPU) firmware.




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