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ADIS16136 weird behaviour

Hi. I'm sampling the ADIS16136 gyroscope using an EVAL_ADIS with the following settings changed from the default ones:


AVG_CNT 0006h; 16sps

DEC_RATE 0007h; 10hz

I'm seeing a weird behaviour, the gyrsocope outputs some values with extremely more likeness than what one would expect. I'm attaching a .csv with raw values and a graph where straigh "railway like" lines are visible, indicating this behaviour. The same behaviour can be seen with the settings I used in this post: but the values are different (I guess because of different filter and decimation settings).

This is not a conversion error on my part (my first guess) because when plotting the raw data I can also see this lines, that's why I'm attaching the .csv file. The raw value 171264 in the .csv corresponds with the top line from the graph.

Is this behaviour expected? Is it due to some error of mine in the configuration of the filter/decimator/sampe rate? Thanks!
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