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ADIS16250/ADISG16265/ADIS16364 Can I read/write registers 0x00,0x7f without ill effect?

We've been using ADIS16250/ADISG16265/ADIS16364 for many years here.    This will seem like a funny question:

Can I read or write the following non-existent registers without causing any problem in the part?

ADIS16250: read and write register offset 0 and offset 0x7f. 

ADIS16265: read and write register offset 0 and offset 0x7f (I know read of register 0 is OK)

ADIS16364: read and write register offset 0 and offset 0x7f (I know read of register 0 is OK)

A write would be writing all 1s.

The values read from these registers are discarded by our software so that is good.  

Does these erroneous accesses cause any ill effects in the hardware?

You are probably asking, why don't we just fix the software bug.   The problem is that code is about 7 years old and the way our company works, I'm not allowed to fix this problem unless there is a defect that will affect a customer.  We haven't seen any problems over the years but if this is really bad I'd like to know and then I can demand it gets fixed.

  • Hi BillW,

    It is great to hear from you!  I wouldn't put the offset registers in the "non-existent" category, but I get the feeling that I am missing something.  Based on your code, is there exact address you are sending the 0 and 0x7F to?  I am sorry if I am missing something obvious. We are not aware of any "kill codes" or sensitive addresses for this type of "accidental write," but I will be glad to take a deeper look. Thanks!



  • Hi Mark,  Good to here from you again. It's been a long time.   Happy New Year.

    We are reading and writing to a register at register address 0 and register address 0x7f.   Data written to address 0 would always be 0, data written to address 0x7f would always be 0xff.   Please let me know for all 3 parts as our products in the field use all 3 products.

    Luckily, we have the ability to upgrade all software in the vehicles in the field.  So if it is a risk, I can fix it.



  • Hi Bill,

    In all three products, register address 0x00 is the flash memory counter, which is a read only function.  Therefore, we would not expect any issue with this. Address 0x7F is reserved for internal use and is write protected, so we would not expect any issues with this either.  I hope that helps.



  • Thanks Mark, That's the answer I need.  Have a good 2014!    Go Wolfpack.   Best, Bill