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Troubleshooting ADIS16485/Arduino SPI Communication

Hello Jim, went with the Arduino, but thanks for the other information.

Hello Nevada Mark, trying to read PROD_ID but getting 0 from ADIS16485.

Based on ADIS16485 datasheet Rev A, Figure 27, pg 27 illustration of J1 connectors, I used jumper wires to make the following connections:

CS (J1-3) - to digital pin 10 (SS) (brown wire)

SCLK (J1-2) - to digital pin 13 (SCK) (orange wire)

DOUT (J1-4) - to digital pin 12 (MISO) (green wire)

DIN (J1-6) - to digital pin 11 (MOSI) (yellow wire)

VCC (J1-12) - to 3V3 (red wire)

GND (J1-9) - to GND (black wire)

The female connections to the PCB are a bit wider than I would like, but they seem to be well connected.

Based on the documentation Pin 1 of the PCB is marked with a *, correct?

Does my wiring look like it could work?

Here are the 2 functions used to get the PROD_ID:

#define PROD_ID   0x7E // Product identification, adis16485 See Table 9

unsigned int adis16485::product_id(){

  // Read 16 bits from the PROD_ID register

  return read(16, PROD_ID);


unsigned int adis16485::read(unsigned char nbits, unsigned char reg){

  // initialize variables

  unsigned char upper, lower, mask;

  // Get upper and lower unsigned chars

  digitalWrite(CS, LOW);



  digitalWrite(CS, HIGH);


  digitalWrite(CS, LOW);

  upper = SPI.transfer(0x00);

  lower = SPI.transfer(0x00);

  digitalWrite(CS, HIGH);

  // calculate mask

  mask = 0xFF >> (16 - nbits);


  // Combine upper and lower, and return

  return ( ( upper & mask ) << 8 ) | ( lower );


PROD_ID is on Page 0 which should be the default.

Let me know what you think about all of this?



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