ADIS16488 ICs

I was wondering if it were possible to find out what gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer the ADIS16488 used?  For our application, using the ADIS16488AMLZ is not ideal.  Though acceptable for testing the performance, the size of the ADIS16488AMLZ hinders our ability to implement.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  • We don't typically share this information, but would like to help you meet you needs if possible. Can you help us understand what objectives you hope to accomplish, which the ADIS16488 currently does not meet? 

    Best regards, NevadaMark

  • Primarily we would rather not have a large (in our perspective, the ADIS16488 "box" is rather big) metal can in our solution if possible.  Furthermore we like to know what's in our system in great detail and the ADIS16488 is a black box currently.  There are also various environmental concerns which I can't go into.  We like the results we are seeing with regard to the ADIS16488 performance, but are concerned there isn't much of an implementation path.

  • Thank you for sharing that with us. We understand that performance, functional integration, price, package, size, power, environmental impact and ease of integration are important to almost every application these products serve. When designing products like the ADIS16488, we always strive to achieve the best solution for the performance level available. From a size perspective, the ADIS16407, ADIS16445 and ADIS16448 products all offer trade-offs between size and performance. While the internal design details of the ADIS16488 are not available for public discussion, we will be glad to outline the best discrete sensors that we offer, if you believe that a discrete design approach will best meet your needs.  For gyroscopes, the ADXRS646 provides the best noise, stability and linear-g rejection. Also, the ADXRS453 and ADIS16265 offer value in their packaging, user interface (digital/SPI), and calibrated outputs. For the accelerometers, the ADXL203 family provides the best noise and stability. In addition, the ADIS16209 and ADIS16210 offer fully-calibrated, accurate performance. We don't sell discrete magnetometers or barometers. I hope that helps.

  • As always, thanks for your quick and helpful responses.

  • You are welcome!  Good luck with your design. We look forward to hearing about how things progress for you.

    Best, NevadaMark