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IMU Flex Cable

Can the flexible cable on my ADIS16362 be repaired?

Top Replies

  • The mechanical structure of the ADIS1636x and ADIS1640x IMUs does not support cost-effective repair of broken flex connectors. In light of this topic, here are some important points to consider when using these IMUs:

    1. The flexible cable interface used in the ADIS1636x and ADIS1640x provides the following value:
      • Supports low-cost assembly techniques: 2-4 machine screws and one press-in connector
      • Design flexibility in the location and orientation of the mating connector.  See AN-1045 for mechanical design examples and ideas. 
      • Long-term reliability, when handled properly
    2. All electronic devices have handling requirements. In this case of the ADIS1636x and ADIS1640x, the flex cable is designed for a single inertion. Extraction processes should be minimized, but can be done with care. Refer to AN-1045 and AN-1041 for tips and guidelines if extraction is necessary.
    3. ADI now offers several IMU products that have embedded connectors, which may be more suitable for development environments, which expect frequent extraction of the devices: ADIS16334, ADIS16375, ADIS16385, ADIS16488.