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ADXL350 SPI 4-wire communication problems


I connect the ADXL350z EvalBoard to a microprocessor which correctly working with other SPI peripherals with a 4-wire connection.

I put the 3.3V both in Vs and Vio pins.

After power on the MEMS, I sent to it the ID command (Read, Operation, MB = 0, Read Register 0 => 0x80 cmd). The MEMS start answering me in the MISO pin before MOSI pin finish send its command while in the answer byte there is 0x70 data.

After it I send a Data Format Register write command with data 00 (0x3100) and the MEMS answer me in the same way than the last command.

Finally I send a Data Format Register Read (0xB1) and the MEMS doesn't move the SDO pin anymore (stuck at 0) until i reset the MEMS.

See the attach file for details.

Any suggest?

Thanks in advance.

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