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ADIS16136/PCBZ wrong connection


When I try to make a wire indication on breakout board without ADIS16136 mounted I see a difference between datasheet marking and real board. Below you can see figures 23 and 5 from ADIS16136 datasheet.

But in my ADIS16136 breakout board J1 pin 12 (DIO2) is connected to VDD, J1 pin 14 (DIO4) is connected to J2 pin 9 (DIO2), J1 pin 16 (VDD) is connected to J2 pin 2 (DIO4). Could be something wrong with pins' marking?

Could you please check and provide me a right pins' marking for J1 and J2 connectors on ADIS16136/PCBZ breakout board? Thank you in advance.