ADXL335 Simulink Model

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Kindly, I am writing to you asking for your help. I wonder if there is a Simulink model for ADXL335 accelerometer or for any equivalent 3-axis accelerometer from Analog Devices. I was able to locate the models for dual-axis accelerometers only from the available tools here. If nothing is available, can the existing models by upgraded to reflect the need? Your suggestions are highly appreciated.

If someone can describe the procedure or provide the needed documents that reflects how these models were built, so that i can model it myself, if possible.

Looking forward to your kind reply and support.

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  • Hi Nitzan,

    Thanks a lot for your help. I do understand the situation, and I am sure that the paper you have provided will be a great source of help. If you may, I do recommend that Analog Devices have such models, not because in the first place i needed them, but rather because such models can be of great help when it comes to simulation of products and new techniques in various fields of Industry. I will try to build a model and hopefully it will be good.

    Thanks again for your help and thanks for Analog Devices and its Community.

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