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Powering an ADXL325 Accelerometer

The ADXL325 accelerometer is rated for 350 microamps of current at an input voltage range of 3-5 volts. What power source is suggested to provide this voltage and current? Using an AC-to-DC converter rated for 5 volts won't work because its output current is 100 mA (and at this current, I'm worried that the accelerometer will burn-out), so are batteries my only option?


  • Hi Wyatt,

    Battery or DC power supply are good.  The max voltage rating of the XL325 is 3.6V.  The AC-to-DC converter should be fine as long as it outputs between 1.8 and 3.6V.

    The 350uA is the current consumption of the XL325 (and not a max rating) so attaching a 100mA source is not a problem.



  • I agree with Nitzan and Venkat.  A different concern instead might be how clean the source is powering the ADXL325.  The outputs of most of our analog output accelerometers, including the ADXL325, are ratiometric with their power supply.  So any noise in the power supply will appear on the output as well.  It may be beneficial to put a linear regulator between the ADXL325 and your power supply.  It could take your 5V DC and provide say 3.3V to the ADXL326 and have much lower noise.

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