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ADIS16136/PCB Breakout Board Mounting Holes

Will the breakout board be updated to include holes that support the ADIS16136AMLZ mounting holes?

  • Yes! The breakout boards are supposed to have mounting holes that line up with the ADIS16133, ADIS16135 and ADIS16136.  Unfortunately, we have discovered that these holes are offset from their intended location and will not support attachment. For the short term, the fastest solution is to drill new holes, using an M1.8 drill bit and then use M2x0.4x18mm machine screws to secure the ADIS1613x devices to the breakout PCB.  With this combination of drill bit and machine screw, the holes will self-tap, eliminating the need to hand-tap these new holes. Long-term, we will fix the layout and replace existing stock, once we receive sufficient stock of the new PCB design. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this causes. Please see the picture below, which shows the ADIS16136AMLZ, plugged into the breakout board, along with an M1.6 drill bit, for marking hole locations.  We suggest that after the hole locations are marked, remove the ADIS16136AMLZ, prior to drilling the M1.8 holes.