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ADIS16488 Evaluation Tools

What tools are available for the ADIS16488?  Where do I find information for them?

  • Most systems that use the ADIS16488 will eventually connect to an embedded processor that manages the serial peripheral interface (SPI) and the auxiliary I/O functions. Most embedded processor support the SPI communication standard with dedicated ports, registers and software commands.  Their manufacturers offer development tools, which enable algorithm development and final integration into solutions that are much smaller, lower cost, and production ready than solutions that are based on personal computer interfaces. ADI's Blackfin and Those who can start their evaluation in this manner may find that it saves them time and provides them data in a format that they will be using to develop their system algorithms around.  For those who are ready to hook the ADIS16488 up to an embedded processor, the ADIS16488/PCBZ breakout board simplifies this process by offering a connector interface that supports ribbon cabling. For those who are not ready to integrate the devices with an embedded processor, the EVAL-ADIS system provides access to the ADIS16488 through a USB port on a personal computer. When used with the newly released, IMU Evaluation software package, it provides a self-contained evaluation system that hooks directly to the ADIS16488AMLZ.

    For more information on these tools, go to the ADIS16488 web site: click on "Evaluate This Product." You will see a light-up box that offers a link to dedicated websites for the EVAL-ADIS and ADIS16488/PCBZ. These web sites provide User Guides, software downloads and information on product support.