IMU Sensor Selection

Analog Devices –

I need help choosing an IMU.

To start, the sensor I am looking at is the ADIS16360.

I will give you a little background on what we will be doing with the sensor. We build and test offshore structures. We have a large wave tank where we generate wave, wind, current and whatever else our clients need. We plan to use this sensor by mounting it inside a structure and record the associated 6 degree of freedom data. It will be dry! The mounting locations will be precisely machined and surveyed in by our model builder. The sensor will ultimately be hooked up to our National Instrument chassis which is our data acquisition system.

The way a normal testing would go is as follows:

Power up system and verify everything is OK. Then we take what we call a “calm” test in still water. Depending on the sensors a model may have this “calm” test serves as a “zero.” Immediately after a calm test, a real test is run. This may include waves, wind, etc. Test duration is anywhere from 20-30 minutes. After that the water calms down for about 30 minutes. Then we do the whole calm test – real test cycle again.


  1. Based on my description do you see any issues?
  2. We would like to sample the output somewhere between 100 samples/sec to 1000 samples/sec on each channel. Data will be taken via a national instruments data acquisition system. Is this too high? Would we be severely oversampling? (somewhere I saw 819 samples/sec then I read bandwidth of 16hz)
  3. What are your questions/recommendations?  Please provide part numbers for any recommended accessory that may help in the installation/operation.
  4. Is there a better choice?

I appreciate any help you are willing to give. We just purchased a new National Instruments chassis system and are just now getting to play with all of the cool new digital toys. Sorry for the noob questions.

Thank You,

Jared Scoggins

Texas A&M University

Offshore Technology Research Center