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What is the wrong in equation number 4 of data sheet AD22151 Hall Effect Sensor?



I am trying to use the AD22151 Hall Effect sensor. I am however having trouble understanding the gain and offset settings for the sensor.


The data sheet is at and the gain and offset settings are described on page 5/6.

 I think there is anything wrong in equation numer 4 of datasheet. 

For example calculation R4 is calculated using equation number 4 and 5. In equation number 4 ((Vcc / 2) - 1) / Vcc = 0.375, but with Vcc = 5V (which is what the example is using), that equation should equal 0.3, not 0.375. Why in data sheet the result is 0.375?


Am I missing something? I am trying to make the sensor be unipolar and operate in the range ~0-350G.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.