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ADIS16488A MTBF and process technology node

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADIS16488A



Would like to gather more input for the mentioned parts: ADIS16488A and ADiS16385

  • What is the process technology for ADIS16488A and ADiS16385
  • In term of functional, any signification different between the two devices?
  • Able to share the MTBF for both devices



  • Thank you for posting this question.

    The ADIS16488A and ADIS16385 are module products, which contain many active components, which are from many process nodes.  We will not be able to offer such detailed insight into the devices' designs, in this forum. With respect to the MTBF, since these modules are not single-active designs, we have to perform them, based on request. 

    Could you share your operating temperature and condition, with reference to MIL-HDBK-217?  

    Also, may I ask where you learned about the ADIS16385?  We took that product off of the market, a long time ago, so I will not be able to support a MTBF, nor a detailed comparison (with ADIS16488A) for this model. I CAN support a MTBF for the ADIS16488A, 4-6 weeks after we received the requested information from you.  

    Best, Mark

  • Hi Mark,

    Noted, gotten some information about ADIS16385 where it was obsolete, another consider is the use of ADIS16488A which trigger the question the difference between the two devices. 

    For MTBF the condition we are looking at lab test where u can consider GB environement at 25deg C. 

    we are also exploring the use on other plaform, does the team aware the mentioned part has been use for other environments before?

    Appreicate if the team could share the information. tks