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ADXL372Z Shows Zeros Only for All 3 axes

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADXL372Z
Software Version: Arduino IDE 2.2.1

I'm using the source code published here to measure the applied acceleration by the ADXL372z sensor on an Arduino Uno.

I have connected the Vio and VS ports to 3.3 v, INT1 to pin 7, INT2 to pin5, both grounds on the sensor to the GND of Arduino, SCLK to pin 13, MOSI to pin 11, MISO to pin12, and CS to pin 10.

When I initially compile the code with the dependency libraries, it only shows the device ID. When I disconnect and reconnect INT1, it shows the data for the three axes, all of which are 0.00 G.

I have tried disabling or bypassing interrupts and changing the BW to various values, but none worked.

Wondering what could have gone wrong that my sensor did not indicate any measured accelerations.

Link corrected.
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