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ADXL372 unstable and unexpected readings of x,y,x

Category: Software

I want to read x,y,z value from G sensor ADXL372 every 1ms. Since the maximum ODR is 6400HZ, I guess we can read 6 sample set per ms.

I have done the following configurations:

6400 ODR

3200 BW

HPF disable

FIFO Stream mode

Measurement mode

After performing these settings, I am reading 6 samples from the FIFO every 1 ms and the output is shown below:

x->1.50   ,y->0.30   ,z->-1.20
x->1.30   ,y->-0.60   ,z->-1.10
x->2.00   ,y->-0.40   ,z->-0.40
x->2.10   ,y->-0.50   ,z->-1.10
x->1.60   ,y->-0.40   ,z->-0.90
x->1.80   ,y->0.20   ,z->-1.30
x->1.50   ,y->-0.60   ,z->-1.50
x->1.40   ,y->-0.70   ,z->-0.80
x->2.40   ,y->-0.30   ,z->-0.60
x->1.80   ,y->-0.20   ,z->-0.70
x->1.40   ,y->-0.20   ,z->-1.50
x->2.40   ,y->0.20   ,z->-1.00
x->1.50   ,y->-0.50   ,z->-0.90
x->1.90   ,y->-0.70   ,z->-1.00
x->2.10   ,y->0.20   ,z->-0.40
x->2.20   ,y->-0.70   ,z->-0.60
x->1.50   ,y->0.10   ,z->-1.40
x->1.40   ,y->0.70   ,z->-1.20
x->1.70   ,y->0.20   ,z->-0.80
x->1.20   ,y->0.50   ,z->-0.80

Can you please let me know why I am getting these values at rest position, I am expecting output to be (1,0,0). How to get that? 

If Calibration is required, then also please give your suggestion. I am not sure how to select the offset trims with such an unstable data.