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ADXL356 Power Up Sequencing

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADXL356BEZ

ADXL356 is connected to 3V for VDDIO and is supplied with external 1.8V from an amplifier dividing the 3V down to 1.8V to provide a reference voltage.  I'm finding that on power-up the device is not coming online, and I have to remove power for ~15seconds and re-apply. Once that's done the device powers up and remains up.  If I remove power for longer than ~30s, the problem occurs again, and I have to power on and then power off for 15 seconds.  If I remove power for only a short amount of time then everything comes back up when I apply power. Can you help me understand what is happening with the device so I can figure out a solution so that it powers up correctly the first time?

  • Thank you for posting your question in this forum.  I suspect that we might need to inspect the ramp profiles of your supplies, in order to assess this properly.  I am not aware of any mechanism, inside of these devices, which would have sensitivity to 15 vs 30 seconds of off time.  That is tough to imagine, as a primary suspect for strange behavior. Could you measure your supply ramp profiles, on a common scope screen for time coherence and post?