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I am not getting the expected data ADXL372

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADXL372

My sensor is at rest on table. I'm able to read data from X, Y and Z axis and 
based on signed bit (12th bit) convert to signed value. The signed value is multiplied by 0.1 to convert value in g.

ADXL372 is configured to 800 ODR, 400 Hz bandwidth, measurement mode. Filter settle time set to 16 ms with HPL and LPF disabled. 

The problem is I am not getting the expected data as (0 , 0, 1) rather I am getting continuously varying data for all 3 axis as shown below.

What shall I do to get the correct data.

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  • Hi  , 

    Regarding the expectation of data being (0,0,1) [g] when resting on a table, the datasheet specifies that the initial 0g offset should be within +/-3g for Vs = 2.5V at room temperature…