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Getting the EVAL-ADXL367-SDP evaluation kit working

Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL-ADXL367-SDP
Software Version: v1.2.0

Newbie questions:

I have an EVAL-ADXL367-SDP customer evaluation system as shown here.  The associated software customer evaluation SW has been installed on a Windows 10 computer.  After connecting the boards via USB, opening the SW tool,  entering the Rev board option (Rev. 4), and clicking on the Start Data Acquisition button, I see a completely flat line for the X,Y, and Z accelerations pegged at -0.0025g.  The curves never deviate from this level even in response to device motion.  How can I get this to work as expected?  Also, the weblink shows a demo tab which doesn't appear on my version.  How can I bring up the demo tab?  


I've attached photos of the setup as well as a screenshot of the tool.