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ADXL372 sampling rate

Category: Software
Product Number: ADXL372
Software Version: Python


I am confused with the number of data points I am receiving with the ADXL372.

I have the sensor connected to a raspberry pi through SPI, with the bandwidth set to 3200 Hz and the ODR to 6400 Hz. With the current set up I trigger the raspberry to read and store the 6 bytes of x,y,z data in a byte array whenever there is new data ready for 1 second, which i then convert to the corresponding g values.

The number of samples I am receiving is approximately 7150 per second. 

I am only new to this, so wondered if this rate is valid, or if i would need to downsample to the specified ODR? The application is for quantifying head impact accelerations just FYI.

Thank you