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EVAL-ADXL372-ARDZ Shield not working with Arduino UNO

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I'm trying to use the EVAL-ADXL372-ARDZ Shield for Arduino UNO, which should be working with the given test program from the company itself. I checked the wiring more than once, and I'm also aware, that the Arduino UNO is using 5V technology where the ADXL372 is using 3,3V.

However, on the shield, there used to be a Level translator which is not there anymore (which you can see on this page), so i thought its not needed anymore to run the application. But when i start up the program, it only tells me the "Device ID: AD", and nothing else is happening anymore. 

Also when i try to write my own SPI program, i dont get data out of the ADXL372. Please help!

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  • Hi  , 

    can you use Arduino Zero or any other Arduino board with 3.3V digital IO? Probably the 5V supply damaged the sensor and it is not functional anymore.