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ADIS16500 Notes on implementation and the frequency characteristics

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADIS16500

I apologize for the many times, but regarding the frequency characteristics of the ADIS16500,
Please confirm the following three points.

(1) Usable frequency environment
The frequency band that the ADIS16500 can measure is
I am aware of "3 dB Bandwidth".

Gyro X-axis, y-axis: 573Hz or less
Z-axis: 639Hz or less

When this frequency is exceeded and vibration is applied,
Will there be any phenomena such as deviation of the 0 point of the measurement standard?
However, I believe that the upper frequency limit of the usage environment is 2000Hz.

(2) Resonance point
For each sensor in the ADIS16500,
There is a description of the resonance frequency.

Gyro X-axis, Y-axis: 66kHz
Z-axis: 78kHz
Accl ​​X-axis, Y-axis: 5.5 kHz
Z-axis: 5kHz

Apart from this, we believe that there is a resonance point as an IMU (housing).
Apart from the above, are there any resonance points of the ADIS16500 or frequency bands that i would like to avoid?

(3) Rigidity of attachment point
When using the ADIS16500, it will be the mounting destination
Are there any rigidity requirements for housings and sheet metal for testing?