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What are the units of data captured by the EVAL-ADIS-FX3

Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL ADIS FX3Z
Software Version: iSensor FX3 Eval


I want to use the EVAL-ADIS-FX3Z card to record the gyro data of the IMU ADIS16470.

I recorded in a file the gyro values thanks to the tab "Data Plotting" of the application iSensor FX3 Eval.

However I can't find the documentation that would indicate the units of these data.

For example here I record the Z output of my gyro:

I don't know the unit of Z_GYRO_OUT.

I also did not find any information about the yellow scale here.

If there is any documentation that I haven't found, I'm interested!

Thanks in advance,

Dimitri Sigg