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temperature sensor specifications of the ADIS16500

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADIS16500

For the temperature sensor specifications of the ADIS16500,
Please allow me to confirm two points.

"TEMPERATURE SENSOR" on page 4 of the data sheet says
It says "Output = 0x0000 at 0°C (±5°C)".

Does this mean that the temperature sensor accuracy is about ±5°C?
If possible, I would like to ask for a guideline for the accuracy of the temperature sensor.

 On page 16 of the data sheet, the angular velocity and acceleration
There is a description of CALIBRATION.
(Excerpt below)
"at multiple temperatures over the calibration temperature range
(-40°C <= TC <= +85°C)."
Is it correct to interpret that FACTORY CALIBRATION also performs temperature correction based on the values obtained from the temperature sensor in the ADIS16500?
Or does it mean that the temperature is corrected based on an external temperature sensor (such as a thermometer in a constant temperature bath)?

  • Hello,

    The ADIS1650x temperature sensor is quite precise for measuring relative changes in die temperature within the module, but is not very accurate when measuring absolute temperature. It is significantly impacted by the thermal characteristics of the module package, as well as the self-heating of the device. The factory calibration of the temperature sensor sets the nominal zero point at 0C.

    The inertial sensor factory calibration uses the internal temperature sensor of the module to generate all the calibration correction terms, which are used to compensate for temperature dependent scale/offset/alignment errors. Because the temp sensor is used to both generate the correction terms at the factory, and apply them during operating, any inaccuracy in the measured temperature is cancelled out.


    Alex Nolan