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ADIS16465 and ADIS16467 without Dout

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADIS16465 and ADIS16467

I'm interfacing a ADIS16465 on a EK-TM4C1294XL development board. Using a basic code just to read the PROD_ID register. [0x7200]

Here some screenshots to show the problem:

Ch1->SCLK; Ch2->Din (MOSI); Ch3->Dout (MISO); Ch4-> /CS

10us/DIV; Freq(SPI) = 400kHz; t(stall) > 16us


I have the save results for Freq(spi) = 1MHz and 2MHz.

Same results disconnecting Dout from the uC board and connecting straight to the oscilloscope.

After power on and initiate the SPI interface I reset the IMU waiting 10us to start interrogating for PROD_ID. After sent 0x7200 and wait the stall time I sent a dummy word just to generate the SCLK to make the IMU pull out the data... but nothing!

The supply voltage on the IMU is 3.28Vdc

On the next screenshots I replaced the signal on Ch4 by DR just to confirm the IMU is running.

Ch4 -> DR


Where is the Dout data for PROD_ID? Please, I'm stuck on this problem on the last 3 days... I also have the same problem with ADIS16467 and same problem using the board I designed to interface it .

Any suggestion what I need to check? or I'm doing something wrong?