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ADXL355 Sorting Possible?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADXL355BEZ


We use these devices quite successfully in some temperature compensated inclinometer and accelerometer products, and overall they do quite well.

We have a customer with especially stringent  accuracy specs.  We have manufactured some sensors for them and a few meet their accuracy requirement (.002 degrees, or approx 40ug), but most do not.  While we are investigating all the contributing factors to error, we do observe among the various ADXL355B devices we purchase to use and calibrate that some appear to naturally have a higher 0g offset, offset drift, and/or noise floor when they are configured the same way and installed on otherwise identical PCBs.  I realize that these accuracy specs, especially with regard to noise density affects, are very difficult to achieve at higher rates/bandwidth.  Unfortunately, the customer also requires ODRs of 31 and 62.5 Hz for their application.

In order to help us improve our chances at meeting our customers requirements for accuracy, we would like to know if it is possible that you screen your production and offer especially good performing components for a premium price? 

We fully understand that there are many contributors to our sensor's deviations in accuracy, and are working on those assembly and process issues.  It could also help improve our yield for this customer, if there was an option to purchase parts that perhaps had been prescreened for particularly good scale factor, offset/drift, orthogonality, etc.

Could you please comment on this?  We can take business discussion offline, if this is something which would be considered.  

Thank you,