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ADIS16495 SRAM Error


I've been using the IMU ADIS16495-1 for a month and I've never had a problem. But 2 days ago, I tried to calibrate it by using the NULL_CONFIG register (activating the calibration for both sensor and select an average time) and the global command to update the bias correction. Since then, whenever I tried to read my data, I only have 0, on both gyro and accelerometer (on all axis).

When I read the STATUS/ERROR FLAG INDICATORS (SYS_E_FLAG) register, I always get the same return : 0x26. According to the data sheet, it indicates 3 things : sensor fail, after a self test ; SRAM error condition and boot memory failure. So I can still communicate using my SPI (reading registers / sending commands) but the memory of the IMU seems broken (or stuck, I don't know).

What did I do to come to this ? My assumption are :

- I tried to manually update the flash using the global command, and something went wrong while flashing. Or I stopped the process using my debugger or else.

- I send the wrong data to the wrong register.

I tried many times to reset (hardware and software) the IMU but the error flags still shows. The datasheet indicates that the IMU should be replaced but that's not a solution.

I wanted to know if anyone came across this problem and if it's reparable.

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