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Which LDO is suitable for ADXL354?

Hello everyone~
I have an ADXL354 and I am designing a low noise circuit. May I ask if I should use 3.3VLDO to supply VCC of ADXL354 or 1.8VLDO to supply V1P8ANA of ADXL354?
Last question, can you recommend a low noise external LDO for ADXL354?
my power supply is 5V I am using ADR4550 as reference voltage.

Thanks for your replies.

I am using ADR4550 as reference voltage.
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  • I checked with our design team. Here is their answer:

    “… the sensor and front-end amplifier are the dominant noise sources. The signal path is fully differential, and the ADC and signal path are all ratiometric to the supply. Applying a low-noise external supply will not improve the noise below the performance with the internal regulated supply.”


    So in simple terms, makes no difference if you use an external LDO in terms of noise.

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