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How to calculate the measurement accuracy of ADXRS290 and ADXRS450?

In datesheet,only Sensitivity of LSB/°/sec is given.(200 for 290 and 80 for 450)

Can you give an example of calculating the measurement error by measuring a certain value, such as 10°/sec?

Thanks a lot.

  • Hi, 

    The datasheet also specifies the offset error, sensitivity tolerance and change with temperature, noise, non-linearity and cross axis sensitivity as sources of error. 

    All these parameters add to the angle rate estimation error: 

    Non-linearity and cross axis sensitivity in most applications can be ignored because their contribution to error are small. In this case: 

    angle rate = sensor output[LSB]/(sensitivity[LSB/deg/s]+/- sensitivity tolerance) + offset[deg/s] * integration time[s] + noise

    sensitivity offset, cross axis sensitivity and sensitivity temperature dependency can be compensated by calibration.

    noise and nonlinearity cannot be compensated. 

    I hope this helps,