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ADIS16495 Decimation Rate

Hi AD,

I have configured the ADIS16495-1 for a decimation rate of 5. I have written 4 into the decimation register, and am expecting data at 4250/5 =850Hz. I am able to get data from required registers at this rate. But after quite a long period of continuous operation, ie about 30 days, I am getting data from those registers at a faster rate ie. at 2125Hz. I have not reconfigured the decimation register.

Is there any chance of the decimation register getting reconfigured, or changing arbitrarily to some value, with continuous operation? Has this been observed anytime? If not, what do you think could be the possible reason for the higher rate of data? Is frequent re-writing to the decimation register required, in cases of continuous operation? Please advise.