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When I install the USB connection programs for the ADIS16488 and ADIS16495 at the same time, why can't the respective software be opened at the same time to record data?

  • Thank you for posting your question in this forum!  

    Can you please provide more details on your setup? 

    1. Which evaluation platform are you using (EVAL-ADIS2 or EVAL-ADIS-FX3?)
    2. Which version of the software are you using?

    Generally speaking, our tools have been developed to evaluate 1 IMU at a time, but based on what I have been told, the new platform (EVAL-ADIS-FX3) can support two different platforms, at a time.  I look forward to your response. 

  • 1. We want to use two IMUs at the same time, use EVAL-ADIS2 to connect to ADIS16488, and use EVAL-ADIS-FX3 to connect to ADIS14695, but when I connect ADIS16495, when I connect ADIS16488, it prompts that the USB connection version is too low , unable to connect.
    2. Does the software of ADIS16495 only support one window to be opened? In the following interface, why can't the output data of 16495 output Scale Data? Or how to output Scale Data?

  • Thank you for sharing this with us. I suspect that we might want to see if we can use EVAL-ADIS-FX3Z for both of them, but let me see what I can find out.  This might take a few days, as I am working remotely and might not have the tools that I need to try this out, quickly.  

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