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ADXL1001 Linear plot of sensitivity with voltage

Hello ADI guys,

our company used your ADXL1001 for a portable product which is powered by 4.2V battery. In ADXL1001 datasheet,you provide users a Linear plot of sensitivity with voltage of ADXL1002 but there is no ADXL1001. the Linear plot of sensitivity with voltage as shown as below. So can u provide linear plot of sensitivity with voltage of ADXL1001 for me ?

By the way, in datasheet, Electrical Characteristics of ADXL1001 was tested base on VDD = 5V. As your know, Low power consumption is important key for protable product especial its supplier is 4.2V. so i want chose the lower voltage like 3.6V for the ADXL1001, If you have electrical performance parameters or graphics based on 3.6V for my reference, i will greatful for u.

  • Thank you,  , for posting your question in this forum.  

    FormerMember  - Can you check me on this?

    When I look at Figure 24, it appears to follow the model that Table 1 establishes.  

    If we check the level at 3.8V, it is pretty close to what we see on the graph.  In other words, it is not hard to imagine some variation, based on my visual approximation of the 5V/40mV point for this particular lot of data.  

    So, we can build a table for the ADXL1001, using the same approach.  


  • Monrning Mark and lanB,

    First off, I am wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2022!

    I have seen your comments, it would be better if lanB could help me verify your idea, because my design maybe will chose a lower voltage in next verison. meanwhile, if your internal colleages had done or simulated some test of ADXL1001 on other voltage points, i wll be glad that you share the results and i guess these results will not be shown in the formal datasheet .

    Another question:  the minimum operating voltage of ADXL1001 is 3.3V, I want to know how much margin of voltage limit is left under 3.3V. it's common that typical voltage of whloe system archieture is 3.3V, however, i'm concerned that the vabration of 3.3V will cause ADXLl1001 working anomalies or problems.

  • Anybody can answer me? This is a matter of great urgency to me. Mark and lanB, Please! Please!  Please look at this question. God bless me.


    With respect to the power supply, the datasheet represents the supply level that  ADI is committing to.  While there may be some indication that the device will operate at lower supply levels, I suspect that the minimum of 3.3V may have been set, in order to preserve one or more, key performance/functional attributes.  We will see what we can find out, but I doubt that we are going to be able to offer any insight into "margin," which could be used as a "commitment" for a design input.  

  • I did not mean to create doubt in what I was offering.  FormerMember  might be tied up with other commits. If he is not available, I can confirm this with another colleague.  While I am fairly confident in my approach, it would be prudent to double-check this, since I do not work with this product, on a regular basis.  Sorry for the delay.

  • By the way, thank you, for the well wishes.  Happy New Year! 

  • I agree with Mark here.  The 3.3V is the operating minimum voltage.  There should be no expectation that the part can properly operate below 3.3V.

  • Mark's table and extrapolation line is a best data that we have on this parameter from the datasheet.  It provide a good estimate of the sensitivity vs. supply voltage across the operating range.

  • OK, I got it. i will follow your advice and revise the 3.3V supply solution of hardware architure. Your  comments is great helpful for me. thanks a lot again.

  • Hi lanB,

    thanks for your confirm! have a good day!