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ADXL1001 Linear plot of sensitivity with voltage

Hello ADI guys,

our company used your ADXL1001 for a portable product which is powered by 4.2V battery. In ADXL1001 datasheet,you provide users a Linear plot of sensitivity with voltage of ADXL1002 but there is no ADXL1001. the Linear plot of sensitivity with voltage as shown as below. So can u provide linear plot of sensitivity with voltage of ADXL1001 for me ?

By the way, in datasheet, Electrical Characteristics of ADXL1001 was tested base on VDD = 5V. As your know, Low power consumption is important key for protable product especial its supplier is 4.2V. so i want chose the lower voltage like 3.6V for the ADXL1001, If you have electrical performance parameters or graphics based on 3.6V for my reference, i will greatful for u.