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ADIS16467 Clock Error in Scaled Sync mode

Having an issue using the scaled sync functionality of the ADIS16567 MEMS IMU. 

The problem is very similar to what is described in a couple related posts which don't have answers:

I'm just trying to verify the functionality of scaled_sync mode (not particular about rates or other settings yet) and not having any success. I'm applying a square wave ranging from 1Hz to 120Hz to the SYNC pin on the IMU, and in direct sync mode everything works fine, but when I switch to scaled sync the device reports a clock error in DIAG_STAT, regardless of the value in UP_SCALE or the frequency of the square wave. 

I probed the square wave I'm applying to the sync pin at the IMU and it looks very clean, and the SYNC_POL setting in MSC_CTRL doesn't seem to have any effect. I've got FILT_CTRL= 0 and DEC_RATE=0 as well. 

Is there some nuance to using scaled_sync that I'm missing? Does the first edge of the SYNC signal need to show up within a certain amount of time of updating MSC_CTRL, for example?

Any help is greatly appreciated of course.