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ADXL313 Device getting stuck at power on.

I am using ADXL313 Device for a sizable quantity. 

In a quantity of 5nos, 3 are working ok and 2 are not working as expected.

problem with sensor 1:- The calculated output in Degrees and the X-Axis output reading gets stuck [at actual 0Degree] with a random offset value when ever it is powered on. There after if i tap on the Device PCB, The X-Axis output reading and the calculated output show normal/expected readings.

Problem with sensor 2:- The sensor does not give any output at all for any of the axis.

Now the same software runs on all the 5-devices, so i am sure that the software is correct and that all the devices are configured correctly.

Now with this scenario i am unable to conclude what is going wrong.

please expedite.


  • Hi Nik2021, 

    sorry for the delay in our response. We were on holiday last week. Were you able to find the issue? 

    This sounds to me like a communication issue. Can you please double check there is not soldering issue on these two boards? 



  • Dear Sir,

    Please refer sensor problems from above.

    problem with sensor 1:-  When i read all the sensor registers i have observed that 0x08 register [which is a reserved register] has a value 0x02, only when the sensor output seems to be stuck at some random angle.

    Then, when i tap on the sensor pcb, the sensor register 0x08 has a value 0x00 and the sensor works normally. So to summarize the above scenario, the sensor when working normally, the value in register 0x08 = 0x00 and when the sensor is stuck at power on [abnormal working] the value in register 0x08 = 0x02.

    Also, now i have added a 10k resistor in series with power supply pin of the sensor IC. After which the sensor seems to work fine after every power on condition.[checked for 300 times ON and OFF cycle.]

    Please confirm if this should be the right solution to the above problem or what would be the side effects of adding a resistor.

    problem with sensor 2:-  This sensor's output is always zero for all the X,Y,Z Axis. when i read all the sensor registers the value is as below even though, i have set these registers to appropriate values.

    0x2c = 0x00

    0x2d = 0x00

    0x2e = 0x00

    0x31 = 0x00

    now i can get through this problem by setting all the registers to appropriate values before reading them, i.e. reconfiguring these registers periodically. 

    But the basic problem is, why are the registers reading out all zeros?

    Now as per your suggestion, i have already checked the sensor soldering, before going for the above changes. they are all OK.

    Please suggest ASAP.



  • Hi Nikhil, 

    thanks for the information provided. The register 0x08 is a reserved register that is used for fuse trimming during production. 

    Can you share the circuit schematic, so I can see more clearly understand the roll the 10kOhm resistor is playing? Can you also provide the power supply waveform during power on? with and without the 10kOhm resistor? 



  • Dear Sir,

    Please can you share your mail ID, so that i can send you the schematic. I am unable to upload here.

    Also what about the problem with sensor 2? 

  • Hi Nik2021, 

    I will send you and email. We can continue this conversation outside this forum.

    Regarding the problem with sensor 2, the default value of the registers0x2D, 0x2D and 0x31, is zero. So I am not surprised about this. But in the case of 0x2C, the default value is 0x0A, which is strange. So, once you write the registers to your desire value, would they stay in that value? or are you observing that the value would eventually go back to zero even though voltage supply was never turned OFF?