How do I calculate vibration with ADXL345?

Hello! Trying to calculate vibration in the gearbox of a rotating machine using adxl345 acceleration data. Not really sure how to take these xyz acceleration value outputs and calculate a single vibration variable that can be displayed on a dashboard. Working in Python and with adafruit adxl345. Thanks!

  • Hi, 

    Generally, for this type of application, customer collect data for given period and do an spectral analysis of the signal (FFT) where you can determine the frequency of the vibration source and its amplitude. I recommend looking into Condition Based Monitoring (CbM). Vibration frequency for these type of applications tends to be in the >2kHz range, not sure for you specific case though. 

    Usually we recommend using the ADXL100x or ADXL35x families for CbM applications. 

    I hope this helps,